Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A bit of a RANT!!

Sorry, dear readers, but yet again I have to blow off steam!

Having attempted to walk the straight and narrow but failed miserably (well there's a surprise!) the semi-suitable bloke I've been keen on for four months and with whom I was attempting to form some kind of... 'word beginning with R....' rumbled me the other night and discovered I am not a repressed Victorian after all.

Now you and I knew that... but he, poor deluded soul, living in negative solitary confinement in his giant ice cube, wanted a woman to adhere to his strict moral code whose default setting was 'boring'. (Having said that he did request me to wear a basque and suspenders which I bought at great expense and is still in the Agent Provocateur box. I'm not intending to return it for a refund...I'm sure it'll come in handy sometime...)

He simply could not cope with the fact that I am fit, feisty and fabulous and although those were the qualities to which he was initially drawn, he immediately required me to negate them and abdicate my throne to become some kind of timid little mouselet, available on his (very infrequent) demand. I tried...Oh Lord, I tried but I fell off the wagon, didn't I? I mean three dates in three months doth hardly a Relationship make...doth it?

The way he dumped me, however, was unforgivable, laying into me in a most abusive and personal way, with venom, anger and disrespect. This told me a lot more about him than it did about myself and Puritanism is not a sexy attribute in the 21st Century, is it?

And so I live to fight another day, down but not out, bowed but not broken, warmed, encouraged and re-booted by the fantastically loving and supportive words and actions of my so many friends who don't always approve, but do appreciate that I am who I am and I do what I do.

Girls, never let a man diminish or reduce you. Be yourself every step of the way and if he doesn't like it, let him lump it.

Guys, I'm free again...bring it on!!

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