Thursday, 26 March 2009


I've just spent a delightful evening with a recent young lover of mine (now aged 34).

We had quite a hot and ongoing relationship at the end of last year, then he got injured training and couldn't visit for a while. He doesn't live in London but we kept in touch.

We subsequently made a date for tonight. He arrived on time having obviously taken great pride in his appearance. To me he's gorgeous rough, smooth, tidy or unkempt but I appreciated the trouble he'd gone to.

I cooked us a meal then we sat on the sofa playing catch-up, listening to music, and telling each other many intimate stories like we always used to. Five hours passed then he got up to leave.

I was surprised and not a little disappointed. I presumed he would stay. When I gently broached this, he said it hadn't occurred to him that he'd made very early arrangements in the morning but would definitely stay 'next time'.

Question: If a man comes over to spend an evening with a woman who he's slept with in the past and whose company he clearly enjoys, why would he not want to make love to her?

I'm confused. Is he no longer that into me? Did he not want to appear presumptuous since we haven't seen each other for a while? Should I have tried to seduce him though I always prefer the man to make the first move?

Help me here, boys, and give me some honest answers please.

Sunday, 22 March 2009


A girlfriend of mine - if you can call us Swinging Sixties 'girls' - is convinced we all have A Soulmate. I'm not so sure. The chance of meeting this person in the context of the Big Wide World would be too random and restricting.

She did however think she'd met him a few years ago. They dipped in and out of each other's lives for a while and then he disappeared.

As time went by, she told me she'd never have sex again because all her drive and desire had gone for good. I told her it would only take the right man to fire her up again.

Last night, he came back and proved me right. Yay! You Go Girl!

Saturday, 21 March 2009


Hallo faithful readers,

I've really missed writing my blog but the finished manuscript of The Toyboy Diaries Part II - THE DAILY MALE - is with the publishers, due out in June, so I had to stop blogging in order to keep you in suspense (and myself in suspenders...)

If you wish to listen to me speaking about the life of a toyboy-loving Noughties glam-ma log onto live and click on Listen Again. My bit is about a third of the way through the programme.

Thanks again for reading and I'll pick this up again soon, I hope.

Best wishes to you all and I appreciate all your messages of support and encouragement.

Wendy x