Saturday, 21 March 2009


Hallo faithful readers,

I've really missed writing my blog but the finished manuscript of The Toyboy Diaries Part II - THE DAILY MALE - is with the publishers, due out in June, so I had to stop blogging in order to keep you in suspense (and myself in suspenders...)

If you wish to listen to me speaking about the life of a toyboy-loving Noughties glam-ma log onto live and click on Listen Again. My bit is about a third of the way through the programme.

Thanks again for reading and I'll pick this up again soon, I hope.

Best wishes to you all and I appreciate all your messages of support and encouragement.

Wendy x


Matt Lambourne said...

Nice to have you back Wendy, looking forward to you resuming the Daily Male and of course reading the finished book.

Matt x

wotsisname? said...

...and thanks for your GREAT broadcast on Saturday Live this morning (you certainly 'livened up' a few people's day - including mine!) For the one person in the Universe who DIDN'T hear Wendy -go to the 'Listen Again' within the next 7 days and get your eyes opened! Hope the final draft goes well Wendy, and that you manage to read this 'twixt wielding your red pencil before your editor does!

Matt Lambourne said...

"I like antiques, but not in the bedroom"

GASP! Wendy, you cheeky devil! x