Wednesday, 4 November 2009


“So this date you’ve got tonight – are you going to take her home with you?” my girlfriend asked.

“Absolutely” I answered with conviction.

“And later – are you going to go to bed with her?”

“Yes I am,” I said equally confidently. “I can’t guarantee we’ll have sex but I’m definitely going to sleep with her.”

Let me explain: last Monday night, I took myself off to the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden to see my favourite ballet Mayerling. It was a late decision, the house was sold out but I managed to acquire the one last decent seat in the house.

I felt rather brave attending such an illustrious occasion on my own but I really wanted to see Carlos Acosta performing in the role and you don't get him prancing about at the local Odeon.

I had a few apprehensions about entering the enormous Vilar Floral Hall bar by myself during the two 20 minute intervals and had I been completely wussy about it, I could have simply stayed in my seat. I was, however, determined to enjoy the whole experience and so I did.

Mayerling was a feast for all the senses - not many people could choreograph a story about a syphilitic, morphine-addicted womanising Crown Prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire who died in a suicide pact with one of his mistresses and make it entertaining, but the late, great Kenneth Macmillan certainly managed to.

While I was sipping my glass of champagne and enjoying my cashew nuts, a couple of men looked at me and smiled. A couple of women looked at me then looked away again. I didn’t care. I was dressed up to the nine and half weeks and I’d paid the price of my ticket.

And now I’ve fought the fear and done it anyway, I’ll never be afraid of going to the theatre, cinema or away on holiday on my own ever again.

Another evening concerned a young gentleman I’ve been texting for some time with whom I finally made a date to cook with only to have him cancel at the last minute ‘due to illness’.

The date was rescheduled, duly confirmed, a menu decided upon, the shopping done and guess what? The little f*cker cancelled again - ‘called away on business’ or so he said!

What is it with some blokes that they just feel they can just fiddle around with your agenda when all you’d really like them to do is fiddle around with you?

Anyway, nothing lost. I called in my first reserve and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening eating all the delicious goodies and watching TV on the sofa. And then we went to bed.

Learning to Love Yourself is Truly the Greatest Love of All!


Mary Matthews said...

Well Done!!

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thanks Mary. And thanks for commenting on the previous blog about the Turkish Delight scenario!

I did find the 'me' date quite liberating. No one to worry about - is he enjoying this as much as I am? - no one to thank at the end of the evening (!) - no one to have to repay in some way for the favour...

Way to go! x

Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

gawd - you don't 'arf get 'em don't you? Well, at least you had a 'reserve' up your sleeve (although I'm sure you didn't tell him,being the kind,courteous lady you are - just hope he doesn't read your blogsite tho'!)
Ah, the old ROH.One of the very few places I miss since moving to the far North (tho' I did come down for the 'Ring'cycle, for which I almost had to take out a second mortgage.)Shame no lady 'takers'during the interval - I seem to recall you mentioning you might like to try supping the fur cup on one of your early blogs - another 'diary'perhaps?

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thanks for your comment as ever, Willie, but I think you slightly missed the point, or maybe I didn't make myself clear:

the 'first reserve' was ME and always will be!

As to the other matter, NO actually - not my bag (unless it's a crocodile Hermes Birkin in forest green!)

Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

Ooops!So sorry Wendy.(I missed the real significance of that last line)- but having read so many of your 'let downs'(together with the feeble excuses)from these guys who obviously get last minute 'cold feet' with impending reality, I assumed you'd finally decided to have another one 'lined up'!(but maybe that's the male response? - it does happen the other way round you know!)

johnny said...

Dear Wendy,

You write so well about the nuance of living as well the sex.(But don't stop writing about the sex!)

Liz said...

Know what Wendy - out of all that blog post, I'm just staggered you would find it difficult to do something like that on your own........ Hey ho, I'm glad you did it and enjoyed it!

Liz x