Tuesday, 14 July 2009


After the celebratory night of passione with The Smouldering One - aged 29 - I threw myself headlong into a hot date with a 70-year old.

This had all the similarities of trying to extract a bottle of fine wine from a handful of dry leaves. He is, however, an Old Friend and as he always shows an interest in my work, I gave him a copy of TB2 - The Daily Male.

He called me the next evening having read about a third of it.

"I need to have a serious talk with you, face to face, not over the phone," he said in deeply sombre tones, like a doctor who was about to tell me I have a terminal illness. "I think I've worked out what your problem is..."

Ooh eck! Do I want to hear this? No! Not if it's negative and not if it's critical. And definitely not if he's going to try to convince me that settling down for a life of dull domesticity with a man old enough to be my husband is the answer to all my prayers!

On Monday, I looked after my 15-month old grandson which is always an absolute joy and the best little boy toy a girl could have.

On Tuesday I guested on a chat show on Radio Coventry and Warwickshire. Yes! It finally happened! Today Coventry, tomorrow Ze Vurld! but the lowlight of my week came on Friday evening, when a girlfriend and I went to a double bill at the Arts Theatre.

The first half was called F**king Men, a well-written, well-acted play about gay love. So far so interesting. The second half, however, was called Naked Boys Dancing (or it may have been Singing...)

Now the clue should have been in the title but imagine our surprise when halfway through the penultimate number, we were presented with six limp dicks. Never mind too much information - this was simply too much vegetation. One limp dick is bad enough, but six? Enough to turn a girl vegetarian!

Unfortunately, my friend and I were bang in the middle of the second row which made it rather hard to get out. This was the only part of the performance that was rather hard. It emphasized the expression 'less is more'. They should have kept their kegs on, or a subtle towel at least...

When we eventually got home, I actually felt like gargling with Parazone. I'm not sure why, but somehow, having all that male genitalia shoved in my face was quite a turnoff...which may sound strange coming from me!

Luckily I was turned right back on again by a further date with The Smouldering One. I'm still not sure if I actually like him. He may have a Phd in Lovemaking but his personality is edgy and confrontational.

I might not see him again. But on the other hand...

Next week's blog will be entitled Lesbian Love Slut - you'll have to read it to find out why!


Grant said...

Hi Wendy just started to read your blog with interest! I've read your first book, very good indeed! I will buy your second one. Its interesting to find out how women think and you put it in a funny way! This is from a man who always admires the older woman of course. Good on you!

Grant, aged 38 and a half lol feel like adrian mole!

p.s. current lover 59! I know terrible

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thanks for writing Grant.

Current lover 59 - terrible?

Why? Brilliant I think! For both of you. Enjoy.

Grant said...

Hi Wendy i can't wait to get hold of your second book. I've even started reading the first one again to get me ready for the second one if you like! I'm going to buy it very soon. I must admit i like the way you talk about your 'going-ons'in your books, its very good! By the way i saw you on Lorraine on 'this morning' the other week. You look superb!


Yummy Mammy said...

Hi Wendy, loving your blog. I'm having drama with a Toyboy at the moment so hopefully you can give me some inspiration LOL xx