Friday, 24 July 2009


I’m afraid the Lesbian Love Slut affair had to be postponed due to inclement weather and another event which unsurprisingly took precedence. LLS will be rescheduled and reported on in due course but for now here’s what happened this week written live and direct from my dining-room table:

"I’m writing this with shaking hands in between devouring a large bar of Green ‘n Black Cherry Chocolate and waiting for the phone to ring.

It’s been a rather surreal day which began at 8 in the morning when my elder daughter called to tell me that she had, at last, gone into labour. The baby was only a day overdue but it’s been a long nine months and as it’s her third, we all expected the birth to happen quickly.

It is now 9.15 in the evening and I’m still waiting for news. She’s texted me intermittently throughout the day with details of epidurals being administered and waters being broken, but she requested that our large extended family do not descend on the hospital until she’s all done and dusted and her other children have had the first sighting of their little sibling.

I live the closest to the hospital and it’s been very frustrating. All I want to do is get in the car and go down there, either to keep her and her husband company or at least pace up down expectantly outside the delivery room. But they like their privacy and I must respect that.

My two older granddaughters, Tatiana and Normandie, are with their other grandmother and my grandson, Noah, is with his mum also awaiting news.

We don’t as yet know what the sex of the new baby will be. They’d quite like a boy for a change but as long as it has ten fingers and toes and is healthy inside and out, it doesn’t really matter.

9.40 p.m. A call comes through to say 'It Won’t Be Long Now!' Enough of this procrastinating, I think, so I leap in the car, arrive at the hospital in record time and burst in through the double doors. I’m sent straight up to the fourth floor and there is my daughter, halfway between birth and afterbirth, looking calm, serene and very happy.

In a crib by her side is a tiny head covered in a dark mop of black hair.

‘You have another granddaughter!’ she says with no trace of disappointment, just joy and relief that the little mite has arrived safely.

Weighing in at 4.04 kgs or 8lbs. 9 ozs. in old money, the baby is to be called Xenia Minnie! My mother was called Zena, another grandmother was Minnie. Mouse may become her nickname but not from me!

So no toyboy stories this week I’m afraid, though I do have a tea date with one tomorrow. I’ve been washing, shopping, cooking, cleaning and generally performing my maternal duties like the good girl I sometimes am...

Some r ‘n r would be most welcome, but it’ll have to wait till next week...


Liz said...

Congratulations Wendy - what an exciting event.....enjoy your new family addition!

Much love


Wendy Salisbury said...

Thank you Liz! Very sweet of you to write, as ever! Hope all is well in your world.



Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

oooah! (no wonder you were munching all that chocolate then - and there was me, naughty boy thinking you were going to tell us you were then going to do something 'interesting' with it!)
Anyway, many congrats and that to ALL concerned (I bet there'll be some 'baby's head wetting going on down the pub tonight!) HEY what a GREAT name too - after my favourate Amazon lady! Wonder if she'll grow up like her and 'save the world' kicking a few men's butts in the process?
Hope your tea party goes well for you ("one lump or two, vicar?")lol

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thanks Wild Willie. Entertaining message, as ever! I'll pass your congrats on - though how I'll explain who you are, God only knows!

W x

Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

Hi Wendy
-Just tell 'em it's some wild man from the wild Northern Isles who fancies you like mad, and knows really what to do with chocolate!
Hope the bairn 'EeeeZena' and Mum are still doing well, and LLS is 'coming along nicely' also!
How did that tea party go down then? Cue for song: "Oh a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down" (just arsking for a sexy parody isn't it?)
Warm wishes from a warm, sunny Orkney (sorry about all that rain and wind doon there!) I'm off to my beach in my passionwaggon! Wxx

Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

...and what about your entry into the FILM world**? Wow, that was really great. Thank you for inviting me (and others) into your lovely flat. Let's now hope it does the trick and the books now start flying off the shelves!
** For those who haven't yet caught up with our Wendy's latest 'AD-venture', go check her out on the Google site!