Friday, 5 June 2009


Unbelievably, 'The Toyboy Diaries 2 - The Daily Male' actually went to press today!

I say 'unbelievably' because the first final proof had my name spelled wrong, the second final proof had forgotten to insert my dedication, the third final proof had a fair number of typos and the fourth FINAL PROOF spelled the bloody title wrong: Mail instead of Male! Good job I was alert enough to notice all these things - an author's work is never done...

I celebrated tonight with a toyboy date. Of course! How else? Darling chap, tall, good-looking, fair hair, smooth skin, a true gent and very young...dare I say it - too young at 27 even for me?

We went for a couple of drinks then I deposited him back at the station from whence he'd emerged and came straight home. Hmmm! I thought to myself as I climbed my stairs alone. Growing old or simply growing up? There was a time I'd never have let a live one get away but sometimes it's more powerful to say No than to say Yes. And it keeps the momentum going and I'm sure I'll see him again which I may not have, had I 'succumbed' on the first date.

So now I wait for the first actual copy of the new book to land on my mat so I can hold it in my hand and see that it's real.

Next project is my first novel 'Blood on the Sand' - the story of a young girl who goes to Spain in the 1960s and falls in love with a bullfighter (Yup! Me again, I'm afraid!) currently being looked at by a Madrid-based literary agent.

On Monday, I'll get on with my second novel 'West from Odessa' a book I'd like to read but I have to write first.

Writing a book is like giving birth...very creative, very exciting - but first my elder daughter is going to do that, hopefully in six weeks time, and present me with my fourth grandchild! How blessed am I?!


Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

Yippee!- I'm goin' to be the FIRST (well, on the blog anyway) to congratulate you that 'THE DAILY MA(I)LE'has finally hit the printing press! Must be a great relief for you (particularly after all that editing crap - and then THEY get it all wrong! How ironic is that?) sad you didn't celebrate it with - that 'daily male'! Too young - at 27?? Are you losing your grip Wendy?(Wasn't it Mae West who famously said'You're as old as the man you feel'?)- Just think- that would have made you 27!Maybe next time eh hon?

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thanks for the Congrats Wild Willie! It is a relief to have offloaded the book but a kind of loss as well. I'm sure the round of publicity will be worth it though. I'll post up any TV appearances I might be making, so keep an eye on here.

Don't worry bout Mr. 27 - he'll keep - he's chomping quietly at the bit like a racehorse who knows he's not running tonight but one night soon.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the thrill of his chase and he can chase me till I catch him!

As for Mae West, I've quoted her in The Daily Male funnily enough:

Let's get out of these wet clothes and into a dry Martini.


Liz said...

Well done Wendy - I'm sure it will be yet another huge success!

Much love

Liz x

SoLaidBack said...

Well greeting from a very hot Bahrain (51c) long time no speak... been very busy flying round the globe! Missed your dominant communications LOL... like to pick up where we left off (now with real pic) David xx

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thanks Liz. Lovely to receive your comments as always. Hope all is well with you xx

Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

Anyone hear the piece on the 'TODAY' programmme this a.m. claiming women can't write in the erotic genre? I was furious and immediately sent off a (mild) email gently suggesting Wendy Salisbury's forthcoming title 'THE DAILY MALE' should be read(so a bit of advance publicity for you Wendy - IF of course they broadcast it!)They also said the few 'up and coming'(sic!) female writers tended to be YOUNG - so I put in a comment about that also!
Wonder if this is worth a 'follow up' from you? (obviously listen to the piece on iplayer first) Hope it's all falling into place for a publication date soon! Warmest wishes.

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thanks Willie! I hadn't heard the TODAY programme and in fact only just read your email.

I appreciate your PR exercise on my behalf and the fact you think I can write erotically!

Think, act and be - yes - but writing is another matter... I'm flattered...

W x

Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

- and who was the stupid woman who said females can't write erotically? Answer: Kate Copstick - the new proprietor of THE EROTIC REVIEW!!(I've already cancelled my subscription)
OF COURSE you write erotically (your book sales prove this if you really need convincing!)
Why haven't Amazon got pre-orders for 'The Daily Male' out yet? I reckon that's going to be a greater hit than the 'Diaries'!W x