Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Whoever gave me that fabulous review on Amazon - THANK YOU!!! So glad you enjoyed the book. Very gratifying to know - I appreciate the time and effort to review it, so thanks again. If you read this, reveal yourself, so I can thank you personally.



Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

You mean to say you didn't GUESS? (Ah well, maybe after reading my previous comment 'the penny will drop'!)Anyway, so glad you approved of it hon. - am now almost through it, and seems to get better and better (a bit like your cooking? - you're sure a hot cookie, so no surprises there!)
Now WHEN are you goin' to do some BOOK SIGNINGS? This is what 'brings 'em in you know, and am amazed your Agent doesn't appear to have picked this one up (not that I'm trying to tell her/him his business of course...)
Suggest big Supermarket at a w/e.
Hope the weddin' arrangements are still going well - and (hopefully by now, your 'social life' has improved!)
Warm wishes from a (rare) warm Orkney

Wendy Salisbury said...

I did guess actually as your address was 'Northern Isles' I believe and I don't have many friends up there!

Sadly book signings are only for Really Famous People. I'd feel a right twit sitting in the middle of Waterstones with everyone walking past muttering: "Who the hell's she?"

Enjoy the weather. It's sweltering down here in the smoke.

john said...

Saw you talking to Lorraine this morning,first i've heard of you,[despite being a Daily Mail reader],61 ! I am 61,what I wouldn't give to have a beauty like you to smoulder with. Keep at it gorgeous, you're a stunning role model for women of a certain age!!
John x