Sunday, 10 February 2008

THE DAILY MALE - continues...10/02/08

I lick my lips and brush them lightly against his. With a quiet gasp, he gets it in one and mirrors my motion. Our moist mouths slide sensuously across each other’s, our tongues licking, flicking, in a less-is-more kind of way. If I achieve nothing else on this holiday, at least I’ll have sent this delectable Frenchman on his way with one proficient sexual skill.

He unbuttons his shirt and takes my hand, guiding it over to his erect nipple. I rub it lightly and he groans, and presses the length of his body against mine. His hand is flat on my butt, pushing me into him as his increasing hardness strains at the front of his pants. I gyrate against him and he breathes in sharply, whips me around, and with his hands on my hips and his pistol in the small of my back, he walks me towards the sofa, where I sort of collapse in an abandoned heap.

He stretches out alongside me and pulls up my top, cupping my breast while he dips his head to take my nipple in his mouth. The sensation shoots through me like an arrow straight down to my nerve centre and I emit a hot moan of desire.

He flips open the button at my waistband, pulls down my zip and dives his hand inside my trousers, prising aside my panties to find my moist and creamy wetness. I begin to pulsate immediately against his rubbing finger and we rip the rest of our clothes off until we are both naked and rolling around on the sofa. He stands up abruptly, his profile making a perfect hoop-la, and pulls me to my feet. We hurry into the bedroom and down onto his big white bed.

‘I want to kiss you everywhere’ he pants into my mouth.

‘Well no-one’s stopping you…’ I pant back and he tongues his way down my body until he reaches my raised-up mound. He dives between my parted thighs and devours me hungrily. I push and buck against him until I come again and cry out joyously at that special compliment which MLP would never pay me.

Hot Frog eats and licks me avidly until I wriggle away from him, begging for mercy. The sensation is too sharp and sensitive now. He climbs up to sit astride my chest, his huge and urgent cock bobbing just inches from my face. I stick my tongue out and lick its tip. He moves it forward and I suckle on it gently. He withdraws quickly and reaches to his bedside table, rips open a pre-prepared condom, slides it on, wriggles back down me, gets into position and plunges in. With a sharp intake of breath, I throw my head back and grind in rhythm until he cries out, stiffens and comes.

He relaxes off me and wraps me lovingly in his arms, murmuring ‘Chéri, zat was wonder-fool’. I am surprised that he is so tender and gentle. I thought he’d have been a WhamBamGoodGodIsThatTheTime man.

He hugs and strokes me until I say I must go. We put our clothes back on and he sees me politely to the door. We kiss goodnight and I sneak back through the quiet corridors to the safety of my room. CBF stirs but doesn’t wake. With a pang, I think of CC down the corridor...he too must be sleeping soundly.

If he knew what a slag he was getting involved with, I’m sure he’d stop himself right here, right now.

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Jack said...

Wendy, you little minx. This episode made me seriously hot and bothered when I read it at my desk at work. The secretiveness of it all, the vivid and explicit description of the encounter...very horny indeed. If only you had been there sitting on the desk in front of me at the time...