Monday, 20 August 2007

THE DAILY MALE - continues...

The text is (only) from my sister in Spain and then I notice a missed call from him!!! I call him straight back and have a most unsatisfactory conversation in which I become hostile and aggressive, demanding he come round and pick up his clothes from 'all over my flat'.

I have no idea why I say this. It's like I've developed nostalgic PMT or something. I then soften my tone and try to backtrack which fails to work for either of us. I then go silent during which he asks ‘You OK babe?’ twice and I answer something that sounds like: Yea but no but yea but no but…

It is clear to me that being a stupid woman never quite evolves beyond being a stupid woman. No wonder men don’t understand us.

MLP chats on regardless informing me that:

a) he stayed at his cousin’s last night and didn’t go to the karaoke party after all
b) when he went home this morning, he left his mobile at said cousin’s so did not get my earlier text and
c) Big Exciting News: he’s hoping to get tickets to the Millennium Stadium next Saturday for the Arsenal/Chelsea Coca Cola Cup Final.

That’s Next Saturday in fucking Cardiff. That’s in CARDIFF NEXT SATURDAY!! Are you receiving the same message I got?

I come off the phone in a black depression, and call to whinge a bit more to a different girlfriend. She reminds me that apart from being a 28-year old, he is only a man, and that she thought I was going to ‘enjoy it for what it is’. I wonder why I am unable to learn anything from past experiences and then break all the rules by texting him again.

‘Our conversation has left me sad. Have we lost something? We’ve had such a lovely time so far and I want that to continue but I need your reassurance that you want that too’.

Desperate, Needy, Pathetic, Paranoid Barbie? Tick all these boxes.

He takes about an hour to reply which is not exactly reassuring:

‘No worrys babe. Nothings gone anywhre. Just got to keep on track and need some space, then things can run a lot smoothly. I’ll be down soon as I can get away’ like he lives in the bloody Hebrides or somewhere.

The only words I see are ‘need some space’. Don’t people say that when they want to finish with you?


leecozens said...

Ms. Salisbury,

The DM extracts above are intriguing. In short I just had the pleasure of seeing you on channel4. (Im not usually a viewer of the R&J show but at 22, the sound of a 'cougar' slot was difficult to resist)

What else to say, it goes without saying you epitomise the word Cougar (the term 'MILF' now just seems an insult in its comparison) Initially apprehensive about writing as believe these things are usually done by 'internet weirdoes'.

If at all, look me up on facebook

Lee Cozens -x-

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thanks for writing Lee. I must admit to hating the term 'Cougar'. It's too predatory, animalistic and in my case, untrue. I never go out and hunt for toyboys - don't need to!

I prefer to be a WOW! Wondrous Older Woman - spread the new word!

Wendy x