Friday, 12 March 2010


He read my last blog, reckoned I was about to dump him and beat me to it! We had a couple of days respite when I kinda missed him - or maybe I just missed 'it' - then we started texting again.

He hasn't asked to see me and I haven't asked to see him. I've been away and really busy but I've no idea what's going on in his head and I'm not sure I really care. I suppose the fact that we're still in touch must indicate something but I'm not sure what. A slower letting go rather than sudden death, perhaps?

I think we got too easy too soon. But is this a fault? I was quite enjoying 'having someone' while certain in the knowledge he wasn't The One. There've been so many Ones over the past years, how will I recognize the next One anyway?!

What I did recognize was the fact that the romance ebbed away fairly quickly. I searched for it behind the sofa and under the bed but I couldn’t find it anywhere... and when he had the nerve to comment that I was ‘as comfortable as a pair of slippers’... Well! Really! What was a girl to do?

Romance is like fresh has a very short shelf life and goes off once you expose it to the light.

If you ask couples who've been together forever whether they’re still 'romantically' in tune, they may look at you rather quizzically as if they haven’t quite understood the question. It’s probably not something they care to ponder over, for if they did and the answers came back negative, it would open up enough cans of worms to stock a fishing tackle superstore.

Although being in a relationship does have its comfort zones, I never want to reach the point where my emotional life contains no rollercoaster rides, no passion, no drama, no excitement, no thrills and therefore no soaring highs and no crashing lows. All the things to which I am addicted...

It's such a shame that no matter how hard we try to preserve it, that delicious stomach-churning exhilaration that accompanies each new encounter seems to last no longer than a butterfly landing on our shoulder. Perhaps that's why one of my other addictions is 'firsts', because when the conversation dwindles down to a rather plebeian intercourse about the weather, work and what you've had for lunch, it's definitely time to pack up and go home.

So here I am swimming upstream again not sure if I'm headed towards a muddy maelstrom or about to float peacefully on a placid lake. Whichever it is, I shall enjoy the breast stroke as well as the crawl!

Old Romantic or New Romantic doesn't really matter as long as romance is present somewhere.

Off skiing next week so pray I don't break anything unless it's someone's heart.


Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

'Spoken' like the true 'Mrs Robinson' you really are at heart, darlin' Wendy (which is why us guys are all so in lust with you!)And as for 'him'-well, if he's still reading your blog,then he'll know he was 'rumbled' by you before he got his fingers to the keyboard - and he should have known better than to liken you to a pair of well-worn carpet slippers!
Go jump on another nineteen year old ski instructor - to show you can still do that (and to get 'him' out of your system).I'm sure your Agent and publisher will be heaving a big sigh of relief!
Break hearts - but not your lovely legs please, and have some FUN!
Vive le sporte

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thank you Wild Willie!! I can always rely on you to make me smile and give me a push into doing what I do best!

Hope all is well with you and you've survived the brutal winter with someone hot to keep you warm ; )

Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

...but sadly not as hot as you! However Spring is in the air, the sap is rising,the bulbs are sprouting;so time to venture out in my old 'passion waggon' and hunt down a wild female tourist!
Glad to have put a smile back on your face.Hope it develops into a BIG satisfied grin by the time you come off the piste!x

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