Sunday, 13 December 2009


I can actually feel my late mother pushing me towards him. I can actually see my girlfriends nodding their heads enthusiastically and giving me the thumbs-up. I can actually hear my children sighing with relief and saying: “About time – thank God she’s finally come to her senses!”

And yet . . . and yet . . . I don’t know, I just don’t know. You see . . . the problem is . . . (don’t all faint at once!) I’ve. Met. A. Suitable. Man.

What’s suitable? I hear you ask.

He’s the right class, status, religion and demographic.
A bit short but taller than me.
Not bad looking.
Good head of hair.
Decent teeth from what I could see.
Gentlemanly, as in opening doors and walking on the side of the road the carriages splash mud over.
Well turned-out and presentable.
Nice car.
Booked a great restaurant for lunch.
Interesting enough to talk to.
Recently widowed so very different to a divorcé.
Didn’t hog the conversation boasting about his past achievements and general prowess.
Very keen to see me again asap.

So what’s the problem? I hear you ask again.

The problem is that I’m not yet ‘half way sensible’. Because if I was ‘half way sensible’, I’d leap on him like a hungry lion and cling to him till death do us part. Because, as I understand it, in the eyes of society, at 63¾, with probably no more than ten good years left, I should be looking to settle down with someone with whom I can enjoy the twilight of my life and go gentle into that good night.

Bollocks! says I. As long as I’m still getting messages on toyboywarehouse. com from 21-year olds (yes! 5 minutes ago!) saying I’m hot and gorgeous and when can we meet for a drink? why on earth would I want to hang up my boots and settle down with a 63-year old?

This is not a trick question, but I could really use some good advice.



Alexander said...

Ever had a Swedish guy? ;)

Send me an e-mail to get to know more...

Newsoul said...

Hm, I don't know what to say about your trouble. But, I think you're an interesting woman. Salam.....

Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

Thought you'd done all that - and got the tee shirt,Wendy!And if you've 'come to your senses'-then that's the end of your media image you've carefully built up (or maybe your Agent has!) - and now your 'media whore' one etc.etc.Do you REALLY want to return to being 'just' another b-o-r-i-n-g 62 yr old grannie? At the end of the day of course, as always, the decision must be yours.Hey, and now you've posted this you've got all these wanna be Wendy Salisbury daters after your tail as well as all the whorehouse laddies (oops, sp mistake - but I'm gonna leave it in 'cos I'm feeling wicked!)Hope THE NOVEL is still progressing, despite all these exciting 'distractions'! Best wishes.

Wendy Salisbury said...

Thanks guys and Hi to Newsoul all the way out there in Indonesia.

Willie - you should know me better than that! 'Come to my senses'? I don't think so!

For every suitable man, there's a 22-year old antidote and that, I hope, will never change!

I always said I'd give up toyboys up before they gave me up, but since that shows no sign of happening, I'll just rock on, shall I!

Wild Willie o' Orkney said...

Yeah,- knew you were just teasing us all along! Keep a-rockin' babe (remember how WH Auden put it - 'There's no sex life in the grave'!)Your poor old Momma must be turning in hers!lol

Sheryl said...

Wendy, you are too cool. More so than sliced bread infact.

fred said...

Bonjour Wendy,
Permettez-moi de vous souhaitez une excellente année 2010 pleine de surprises et de belles rencontres...J'adore votre démarche de femme libre qui ne va que se développer dans ce XXIème siècle ou tout doit changer!!!.
Je suis médecin à Paris, je suis un sexytoyboy de 42 ans!!! j'aimerai faire votre rencontre.
Voici mon blog pour vous distraire et vous proposer de me suivre dans une grande aventure humaine

"Take a young man and you will get a new mind !!!"

Best of my best regards


Mary Matthews said...


What's the rush? Is he on bended knee with a twinkle in his eye and offering eternity?

Seriously... take a deep breath, Girl Friend. You know yourself. Your friends and family know you.

Make a firm commitment not to make any decision about this for at least 3, or 6, or 12 months. Unless something drastic happens (like you *really* fall for this guy) you don't have to "do" anything.

Enjoy the ride for now!!

And keep us posted!

Good luck!