Thursday, 28 June 2007

Daily Mail Feature

Well my nefarious exploits are out there in the public domain now so there’s no going back! My picture in the double page spread in the Daily Mail.

It woke me with a start this morning. Having done a 2 ½ hour photo shoot yesterday with a hip young photographer with Bon Jovi blaring on the stereo and the two of us really ‘avin’ a larf, the slightly sniffy Daily Mail went and printed the most mumsy picture of me they could possibly select!

I’m also convinced they’ve airbrushed extra lines into my face and neck to make me look older. I’ve been contorting myself in the mirror all morning and no matter which way I twist it, I cannot get those lines to appear. What’s that all about?

I now understand how those hapless BB contestants who come out of the house and get right royally trashed in the tabloids on a daily basis end up in The Priory…

The piece is pretty much as per the interview but did they put words in my mouth (as well as wrinkles around it!)? I'm sure I have never called any of my dear older male friends ‘fossils’. Why would I? They are the rocks I cling to when dating toyboys gets a little crazy.

It is funny reading that I should be meeting someone now to keep me company in my old age? It makes me wonder, has the Daily Mail been talking to my mother? And anyway what are the guarantees that even if I did set up shop with a ‘fossil’ that

a) he’s not going to leave me for some twinky
b) he’s not going to snuff it in 6 months time
c) I’m not going to end up being his nursemaid?

Although I know the old Mrs. Robinson tag is a globally recognized metaphor, she is dead and buried, yet they keep trawling her out…

Older women today are not sad lushes seducing 19 year olds – in my first chapter you will read that a 19 year old seduced me!!

Here’s the picture they should have printed – not suburban Mrs. Jones!


KW Northridge said...

I think your wonderful, truly an inspiration to the notion that life is what you make of it and not just a number. I would fancy your company more than that of spending time with these size zero go girl

njh82 said...

Hi Wendy

Please could you email me at I'd like to have a chat about The Toy Boy Diares?


Wendy Salisbury said...

Thank you so much! It's great to hear from the folks out there and know that not everyone is repressed, tight assed and judgemental, although in fairness, most comments have been very positive!! All the best to you KW.

prue said...

hi wendy!
just finished reading the toyboy diaries and absolutley love it. i think it the fastest i'd ever read a book as i couldnt put it down!
now i have some more reading to do to catch up!! love it!!

Susie said...

Hi there!

A friend told me about you being on Radio 4 this morning (Saturday 21.3.09) and I must say, that being someone who is 60, that I never ever realised what fun I could have at this age.

I read in an article about a film star who is 54 who confirmed something that I have found out that too many guys 50+ have issues of various sorts. It is so refreshing meeting younger guys who don't have that sort of baggage and who actually enjoy and appreciate the older woman and all that comes with her!!

Life is good .......

Thanks :-)